The i6engine is Open Source or how to develop software as part of a lecture

Some years ago, I started with the idea to develop a small game engine with students as part of a lecture. The topic of the lecture became “Game Engine Design” in order to develop a small game engine/game to show my research. ┬áThe goal in terms of teaching was and still is to teach the students working in a team larger than the usual pair exercises, as well as modern C++ programming and the development of distributed applications.

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GIT in the World of Apples

Today I finally got my git environment working to my satisfaction on my MacBook Pro. First as I migrated to Mac OS X, I thought I would need a graphical tool for gitl like gitx or gity or even some sort of commercial GUI. After some experimenting with the different GUIs and many oddities I ran into, I just switched back to the good old command line, as I was used to on the Linux installations at the university. But still, there were several annoying issues I didn’t had on ubuntu/SuSE installations or which just would be nice to have. I want to discuss 2 issues in the following post:

  • No bash integrated information about the current branch, commit and difference between origin and local repository, etc. In short: No git status in the prompt
  • No tab completion

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The quest for the shiny epics or the evolution of loot systems

In the beginning there was DKP and the raid leader saw that it was no good…

I followed a raid group (Thralls Macht) on “Der Rat von Dalaran” in the game World of Warcraft for about six years. In the beginning I was a founding member of this group, but as my graduation approached, my interest switched more and more from an active role as raid officer to gamer and finally to a passive member discussing different theoretic topics. Loot distribution and its realization in form of loot systems allways caught my attention and I spend hours discussing and optimizing different approaches to this major problem of any raid group.
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Ryzom went Open Source

The MMORPG Ryzom went Open Source in May last year. This is the second Game after Second Life performing this step. Of course there where many Open Source MMO attempts over the years, but only these two commercial MMOs published their source code.

Ryzom even took the step and made their artwork, models and particle effects available under CCC-SA. The assets are available over a special portal. This is a major opportunity for all MMO researchers, as it is possible to build better looking academic prototypes and demonstrations. Moreover they founded a project for the development of an Open Source MMO Framework called Ryzom Core which makes it possible for the first time to analyze probably mature code of an actual MMORPG. I will dive into it and will keep you updated on my analysis of optimizations and architecture of the networking code.

Hello world!

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